kickyerfriends (kickyerfriends) wrote in postmodernhaiku,

tough week at work

water seeps through walls
fire pours out of ceilings
Someone call OSHA

the smoke burns my lungs
the cold chaps my finger tips
my own private hell

paperwork in stacks
tower over my cubicle
lets have a meeting

there's no end in sight
retirement too far off
the solution: gin
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I think you missed your true calling. I had no idea you were a poet.

Was there really fire? That is SO much more exciting than any show my office has ever put on.
Our heating system malfunctioned or something and the office filled with the horrible white smoke and we had to go sit in the cafeteria for half a day. All in all, a pretty exciting day. The place stunk for the rest of the week though.

And yes, I dorkchop, am quite the poet...
Lucky! We had a fire drill today and were back at our desks in 15 minutes. BOO.
love your corporate one!
(I founded this community years ago and haven't really seen many posts lately-- this one made me happy:-)
Thanks! I try to express myself in haiku as often as possible. :)